My name is Andy-Riwan Gernet. I had worked for 3 years in a communication agency in Paris. After this time, I decided to quit my job in order to live something completely different and create a project around it.

During the life, we are inspired by parents, relatives, friends, people we have around most of the time. I think that moment of sharing affects you. But traveling is a special moment in life when people, that you don’t even know, are opened to share their stories with you. Moments you spend with others make you understand better who you are and what you want to be. For me, there is something beautiful about that, because it just opens your mind to something new and different. The most interesting is when people start to talk about themselves: why do they travel; how do they make the most of their time; what is the most difficult thing for them; what is their past and do they think about the future ? …

The idea is also to go beyond what you’re used to see and be. And that is only possible through a long time trip and being disconnected from your daily life.

So I decided to start the project ‘I AM A BACKPACKER’. It took me months to know exactly what I would like to do. The idea is to create a unique story of backpackers in Australia thanks to the stories of each and every traveller I will meet on my way.  This road trip is exactly why you come back as a different person comparing to you when you were up to leave. 

Let’s be tempted by the adventure and a part of unknown …