ANNE AND NICO – FRENCH – 730:480 DAYS IN AUSTRALIA I met Anne and Nico the last day of their long journey in Australia. Anne spent 2 years in Australia and Nico one year and half. Each of them wanted to share with me a different story. Anne : 'Australia … What a good country to meet someone you will love forever… I’m joking ! We met in Margaret River, best place to stay for a year and discover the Australian lifestyle. Good walk, good beaches, no one, good wine, good experiences …' Nico : Nico wrote a poem. I unfortunately can’t translate it in English in order to not misrepresent the meaning and each word he chose. French speakers, this is for you. "A l’orée de tes jours  Me voilà sac à dos $ Respirant l’avenir d’amour Nourrissant l’envie de mes mots J’arrive à Perth et reste Deux jours sans respirer Et des poussées à retraite L’aventure nous inspire La routine s’installe Et les rencontres se mêlent D’un coup je croise tes sommeils Alors nos rêves d’un râle Nous promettent le voyage Comme si sur ta vague La lumière sans ombrage Guidait nos pressages"