2014-08-31_1409459475 Since I am in Australia doing the project I met many people saying than they would probably have never traveled this way before, without comfort, bathroom, shower, bed, good food ... So I asked them if they like it and why. They all enjoy it and I especially remember one girl I met in Karijini who confessed me that she was a little princess, really protected by parents. But during this trip she just experienced the fact to be alone, doing the things on her own and she loved it. Why ? Simply because she was feeling more alive by being active, taking decisions and having responsibilities not being a passive girl anymore waiting for people to do what she wants. Her parents doesn't really know yet how she changed but when she will be back home, the first thing she wants to do is having her own apartment and being independent. So guys, don't hide yourself behind a mountain, explore the nature like you are exploring yourself and you will maybe find out who you are and what you want.