This little marsupial has been elected 'THE HAPPIEST ANIMAL IN THE WOLRD' and became the incredible star of the selfies in Australia. No need to explain you why. Have a look at those pictures !  Capture d’écran 2015-05-05 à 01.17.39

Picture : iamabackpacker.com

You will have the chance to meet them during your trip in Rottnest Island, rent a bike and go all over the place. They are mostly in tall grass but you can see them in the village, on the beach, ... Open your eyes you can't miss them !

Capture d’écran 2015-05-05 à 13.34.01 Picture : iamabackpacker.com

Really friendly the quokkas won't jump away from you and your camera. As they are mostly really curious they will come come and will be happy to take a selfie with you. 


 Picture Alan Dixon

Come, visit the quokka and get your dose of happiness ! 


More picture on www.instagram.com/iamabackpacker

Where : Rottnest Island is only 45 minutes from Perth (Western Australia)

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NOTE : Considered as vulnerable, please don't touch the quokkas or feed them. You will get a fine for that.  PLEASE PROTECT THE QUOKKAS