Sometimes, in life, incredible moments create around you a bubble where your mind is separated from your body, where your seems like floating somewhere in the space while looking at some marvelous landscape or situation. This is the feeling you could have by swimming with the whale shark in the small town of Exmouth - Ningaloo Reef (Western Australia). You heart will stop beating, your body will stop moving, your eyes will be the only thing that will be able to move. 

And in the same day, you could swim with humpback, dolphins and turtles. Yes you can so don't miss out, you will never forget this experience. It's now time to jump in the ocean and meet the largest mammal in the ocean. 

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More informations : www.whalesharkdive.com

Please note that you are taking an eco tour with this company, you are invited to never touch the reef, turtles, stay at a reasonable distance from dolphins, whales and whale sharks in order to protect the nature.