The most memorables moments are those that take our breath away. 
Kalbari National Park, snorkeling in Exmouth, Karijini National Park, wilderness camping without no one around close to the Indian Ocean. 
Moments that make us think ‘Alone not lonely’. We are living times that we didn't expect. We are feeling like being in a dream with people we wouldn’t have turned on in a street in France. So, that makes us think about sentences from movies or books which made us desire to travel : ‘We travel not to escape life but for life not to escape us’, ‘Happiness only real when shared’, and it makes more sense now. More we are traveling more we are filling in our bag of memories and we are the only one who can understand their meanings. Happiness of driving our 4WD on the beach listening loud music, a huge feeling of freedom, feeling tiny looking at stars, enjoying a piece of meat after so many ‘veggie’ meals, the pleasure of a shower after few days cleaning ourselves with only baby wipes, the complicity of a cards game with a camp fire, a fit of laugher after a vodka, … We know each others for less than a year and even less than few weeks but this is not important, we are learning every day how to live together. And more we are spending time together in our car named 'Wolfy', more we have memories to write on our list.