10669282_742570992489150_2696165687615889157_o 'Australia, famous for all the people from all around the world who you can meet and share stories. I arrived with my best friends from France and we stayed in Sydney for a while. 
Quickly, I realized that I wanted to make my own experiences and find my own way. So I left my friends and started to travel alone. It was the best decision ever !
As soon as you start to make new friends and speak only english every day, you enjoy and feel your english improving.
Even if sometimes you've got problems because of the money or something else, I think I don't have any bad memories about my adventures. Indeed, everything become good memories. That's why my best moment is every time when I make good friends, because you know tat you gonna meet them again somewhere in Australia or even later somewhere else in the world. Finally, I realized that I couldn't live with my best friends anymore in Australia because when you tested the backpackers hostels life, THATS AUSTRALIA !'